Geek Speak is not spoken here.

Just good plain American English. We talk with you to inform you, not impress you. Complex technical issues are broken down to make them easily understood so that you can make an informed decision.

Managed Services

Predictable Cost Control

Get your IT costs under control, your network running efficiently and minimize downtime at a fixed monthly cost that allows you to accurately budget with no surprises.

We constatntly monitor and manage your whole network remotely, 24/7. If anything goes wrong, we get an immediate alert and can react to fix it before it creates a problem for you.

All routine maintenance is done remotely so that you never have to struggle with badly fragmented hard drives or other issues that slow you down. We can provide you with detailed hardware and software reports allowing you to make informed and inteligent decisions about your network.

We also make on-site service calls and fix and repair network and computer issues on an on call basis.

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Remote Support

Call us and a live person will anwer and, in most cases, will be able to remotely access your computer and fix your problem, on the spot, while you watch.

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Remote Access

Do you need to work from home or on the road? We can provide remote access to your computer and your phone system so that you can work from anywhere.

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Data Protection


Not backing up your data is just not a good business decision.

If you have a server on your network, re-configuring and re-installing all of the software could take days.

Talk to us about how an image backup prevents all of this and can send the whole image off site to prevent loss against Fire, Theft and Flood.

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Malware has gone way beyond annoying pop-ups. It is now the primary method to steal information from you, or hold your data to ransom.

StealShield stops malware before it ever get to your network or your computer. It doesn't make sense to wait for the attack and then defend, when you can protect yourself from ever having the attack in the first place.

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Anti Virus

Remotely managed and monitored Ant-Virus software is the ONLY way to keep viruses off your network and computers. Your employees never have to make decisions on whether to "Allow, Skip or Deny" programs that are trying to damage your network. We can make a well researched decision remotely on their behalf and make the RIGHT decision for your network.

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Computer Repair

We have a fully equipped repair center that can often repair your computer the same day. Just call us. We will pick it up broken and return it singing like a bird. We can repair all makes of computers, and can handle warranty claims where needed.

You are welcome to visit our facility at any time.

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New Hardware

We can provide, install and configure any hardware that you need for your network. From Computers and Servers to Switches and Routers.

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Need your purchases financed or would you prefer to lease them for tax purposes?

We can arrange that for you.

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We provide a full business email service using your domain name.

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The days of the old expensive analog phone systems is dead as businesses move to the flexibility of VoIP phones.

Digital Phones are less expensive to buy, and with no contracts, you can flex your usage to suit your needs. If your business is seasonal, you can change your phone plan on the fly to match it to your current needs without penalties and there is no contract to extend.

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